Where is Our Culture Headed?

We can perhaps recognize the forces that brought our culture to where it is but we often have more difficulty perceiving where our cultural trajectory is taking us. Where are we headed?

1. While I have had low expectations for where we are going, even I have been stunned by recent developments. Although gay marriage has not been definitively established nationally, we are now talking about a “bathroom bill” that would allow those who “identify” as a member of the opposite sex use their bathrooms and locker rooms. We are talking about a bill that would make it an ethics violation to counsel a minor away from a same-sex attraction even if he requested such counseling. Something that has blown me over is the ban on “proselytizing” in the military. A recent cover of Time announced that America’s next civil rights frontier would be over the transgender issue.

Upon reflection, recent developments should not have been surprising. When one side scores a series of victories and the other defeats, the victorious side is encouraged and presses for more while the defeated side slinks away from the fight. Many Christians are becoming terrified at trying to resist our cultural forces and are fabricating “spiritual” reasons for not being involved. A string of defeats increases the size and frequency of subsequent defeats and unless we rise above them to turn things around things are going to get a lot worse very quickly.

2. The following national consensus is building about homosexuality:

  • Gays are born that way
  • It is impossible to leave homosexuality and it is very harmful to try
  • Allowing gay marriage alleviates any remaining moral objections to homosexual sex

As this solidifies into the orthodox view, those who don’t accept it will be called “haters.” Get used to this term. You will be called a “hater” to your face. Don’t waste your breath on your inane drivel about, “love the sinner and hate the sin” because people see the person and gay behavior as so entwined that you can’t hate one without the other. You are a hater. “And who are you to declare an activity as “sin” when our culture has declared it is not? The only way you can reach this hypocritical conclusion is by cherry-picking Bible verses and deliberately misinterpreting the clear message of the gospel—the worst kind of bigotry masquerading as religion. You are a hater.”

As a “hater” everything you say and do is discredited. It will be easier to get a prospect to attend a church that practices ritual animal sacrifices than a church that preaches “hate”. You will shortly find out how society deals with haters. As a sneak preview, read this article you filthy Juden.

The only way to stop being considered a hater is to abandon your “silly superstitious” beliefs about sex and sin and to stop associating with haters.

3. You will hear more phrases like, “Sure I believe in religious freedom but that doesn’t give you the right to violate the law.” Such statements will be made sincerely and emphatically and as if they were coherent.

But wait. What does freedom of religion mean? It means you have a constitutionally protected freedom. Any law or interpretation of a law that violates a constitutionally protected freedom is unconstitutional. So yes, freedom of religion specifically means that you have a constitutional right to violate any unconstitutional law or ruling.

Freedom of religion is intended to ensure that a person does not have to choose between obeying the government and obeying the laws of their god or gods. Hobby Lobby and others stand before the US Supreme Court arguing that it violates the company owners’ religious convictions to provide the “Plan B” abortifacient coverage for employees. The administration argues that company owners forfeited their religious freedom when they formed a company.

The most common defense at the Nuremberg trials was that an accused was, “just following orders.” This defense was rejected on the basis that the accused was accountable to a “higher law.” The current administration feels that government law trumps higher law and, it would seem, feels that the justifications given by the Nuremberg defendants was adequate.

Freedom of religion is almost gone and will disappear completely. Get used to it. Expect to hear more about, “freedom of worship” which only allows a person to do what they want in the private confines of a church but does not allow them to work out their religious beliefs in everyday life. As this freedom evaporates expect all other freedoms to fade as well.

4. Freedom of religion will be replaced by a far more important value: Freedom of sex. This freedom ensures that a person can enter into any kind of sexual activity with any one or any thing without sanctions or even disapproval. Celebrate our tolerance and open-mindedness!

Because of the great damage done by indoctrinating gays into the straight lifestyle it will be necessary for public schools to help prepubescent children explore their “sexual identity,” possibly with the help of “sexual guides.” Perhaps by this method the last sexual taboo, pedophilia, will fall. As a parent you do not have the right to restrict your child’s sexual options. And why should you have the right to speak against your minor child receiving a “medically necessary” sex-change operation?

5. What should your reaction be to this dystopian prediction of the future? Absolute outrage—we must join with others, stand, and fight! If you stand, you don’t know who will stand with you. You do not know the outcome of any battle before it is joined. Many battles have been determined by something as mundane as the weather.

When you go to war you do not allocate resources based on how much you feel like contributing. Rather you allocate resources based on what is needed to win particularly in light of the consequences of defeat.

If we lose we will not have to directly “deny Christ” but something far worse. We will have to deny that there is such a thing as sin as well as a savior that needs to be and is “the spotless Son of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

6. But then the sun is still shining and the birds are still singing. These things have not yet come to pass and such a change in direction would require a large adjustment and a large amount of resources. Surely God would not allow such things to come upon us. Perhaps if we do a happy dance we can put these thoughts behind us. Maybe whatever Christians are left twenty years from now will be charitable and will not curse us for wasting the remaining time and opportunities we had to turn things around.


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