Love is Defending

What’s another hundred million of us?

We pass without notice,

Except for those grateful

The inconvenience is gone.


Our blood poured out freely

On the altar of Molech.

A living, human sacrifice

To the god of our age.


Look into my still-closed eyes

And tell of your love for me.

Are they words of a timid soldier

Withdrawing when the price is known?


My dear Christian friend,

“Want to redeem my soul?

First you must rescue

My body from the knife.”


Your actions choose my fate;

The dumpster or the cradle.

It doesn’t have to be this way,

But it will cost dearly to change.


And if you will not spend yourself

Showing your love for me,

Shielding and defending,

What will you spend it on?


On your boat, a better game of golf,

Or paying down the mortgage?

Living a rich, fulfilling life;

All the good things I’ll never know.


With a tithe of your affections,

And just a handful of people

This monster can be killed

And my newborn cries announce life!


Please look upon the carnage.

Don’t turn your head away.

Let its weight grieve your heart

Until you cry, “This must stop!”


Will you be roused from your slumber

And link arms with your neighbor,

To pay the price,

To fight the war,

To storm the gates of Hell?


To stay the hand of judgment

Of God’s wrath upon this nation,

For this heinous crime,

That grieves the Lord

And puts Hitler to shame?


Do you love the Lord your maker

Enough to make a difference?

Do you love His child as well?

Am I precious in your sight?


Do you love me?



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